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Abhörbarkeit von WPA2

In der Debatte um das neue TMG und die Störerhaftung stößt mir immer eine Kritik auf, die meiner Ansicht nach falsch ist. Dazu habe ich gerade einen Kommentar bei netzpolitik geschrieben, den ich hier in voller lange duplizieren möchte:

Uploading huge files to Apache 2.4 + mod_fcgid

There was a time when I thought “Setting up a webserver? That’s easy!” Well yeah, not with fancy optimizations to reduce the mean response time by yet another microsecond, but you know, the usual shared webserver.

The perils of using php-fpm with Apache for shared hosting

Yesterday, I was again working on building a new webserver at work. I had already found a way to use php-fpm with Apache and sockets (not easy in Debian Wheezy by the way, I had to compile mod_proxy myself from a later Apache version). Every user had its own php-fpm pool and thus its own socket, everything was fine.