Jan-Philipp Litza


Mathematician, computer scientist and open source enthusiast from Bremen, Germany. Interested in internet politics, privacy and IT security.


I study mathematics at the University of Bremen since 2009. In September of 2012 I received my Bachelor of Science, in March of 2015 my Master of Science. Since then, I’m a PhD student at the ALTA institute.


Weak Symmetry Breaking and
Simplex Path Demonochromatizing (2015)
Das Newton-Polygon (2014)
Seminararbeit (“Verzweigungstheorie und ihre Anwendungen”)
Cayley-Graphen (2013)
Seminararbeit (“Überlagerungen und Gruppenwirkungen”)
Extended Persistence (2012)
Coxeter Graphen (2012)
Seminararbeit (“Spiegelungsgruppen”)
Das Laplace-Spektrum (2011)
Proseminararbeit (“Proseminar zur Linearen Algebra”)

Computer science & Open Source

Computer science was my minor subject and thus a significant part of my studies, but also was my hobby long before and it still is. I busy myself a lot with computers, networks, security and Open Source. Small programming projects are one of my favourite extracurricular activities, they can be found on my Github profile. Since the end of 2013 I’m founder and one of the main developers and organizers of the “Freifunk Bremen” project.