Jan-Philipp Litza


My DNS setup with PowerDNS 30. Dezember 2018

I recently overhauled my DNS setup (recursive for my home network and authoritative for my domains), so why not blog about it?

Bonding Wifi interfaces with Network Manager 24. September 2018

For a long time, it bothered me that transitioning from network cable to Wifi caused a loss of all persistent connections. SSH being the most painful, others were noticable too (streams, chat, …).

Was mit Holz 6. Juni 2018

Ich habe die letzten beiden Wochenenden auch mal #WasMitHolz gemacht: Einen Wickelkommoden-Aufsatz! Den Plan hatte ich gefasst, sobald klar wurde, dass wir eine Wickelkommode brauchen und keine Kommode passender Höhe haben. „Der Plan“ sah dabei so aus:

My Multi-Room Music Setup 7. April 2018

For much too long, I wanted to write about how I completely overhauled our multi-room audio setup at home about a year ago.

GPG attacks 27. August 2017

While communicating with the CCC office, I was informed that they couldn’t send me GPG encrypted mails because of the error “GPGME: Ambiguous name”. Of course there is more than one key if you search for my mail address (I had other keys in the past), but they also quoted my correct key ID.