Jan-Philipp Litza

Unicode Emojis for Gajim

I am a huge fan of Unicode emojis, because they are so universally usable. And I am a huge fan of XMPP. My XMPP desktop client of choice is Gajim, because it supports every XEP I care for. But until now, Gajim didn‘t support Unicode emojis. Those that were supported by my system font showed up as black and white icons, but that’s nothing compared to the fancy colorful images that show up on, for example, Android.

Thus, I sat down and put together an emoticon package for Gajim with support for many, many Unicode emojis. Of course I didn’t create any of the artwork, but only generated an index file that is usable with Gajim. It is backwards compatible with the legacy ASCII codes Gajim used to offer.

Now I have colorful emojis in Gajim, and so can you!