Jan-Philipp Litza

Moving my blog to Jekyll

For a long time now, my primary webpage was based on Jekyll, a great little Ruby template system. Now, I finally decided to abandon Wordpress altogether and move my blog posts to Jekyll as well. The primary reasons were that I didn’t like the old layout and title of the blog, and now everything integrates nicely. Also, either my browser configuration or some change in my hoster’s configuration seemed to prevent various images (including the header image) from loading, which made the page really ugly.

The conversion was mostly automatic, only the images included in posts needed some fiddling. The permalinks of course stayed the same (well, if you don’t count the redirect from the “blog” subdomain to the “blog” subdirectory), but image links changed a bit.

Obviously, because everything is static now, there were some things I couldn’t preserve, namely the search and comment functions. I won’t introduce comments again, because this isn’t intended to be a chat and there are plenty of possibilities to reach me mentioned in the imprint (Update: Now in the upper right hand corner). The search is bothering me a little bit, so if I stumble across some nice way to include a (non-Google) search here (maybe using some Javascript-based stuff?), I’ll do that. On the other hand, now that my posts are nicely formatted Markdown files, I can simply grep through them. 😛