Jan-Philipp Litza

How to: ruin the best time of the year

Okay, well first of all: What is the best time of the year? While it’s not globally possible to define this correctly, for this post I’ll assume that for myself, the best time of the year is that between Christmas and new year or maybe January 2nd: The Christmas stress is left behind, and the C3 and new year’s eve with friends are coming.

So, back to topic: What can possibly totally ruin such a great time? Yeah? No ideas? Correct: A sickness.

I only was able to really participate in one day of the congress, day one, because even standing up at day two proofed as a difficult task. Luckily, it wasn’t anything really bad, but only a great cold. Nonetheless, it somehow ruined the experience of the congress. I only came back to get the free t-shirt for “angeling” the zeroth and first day (angeling=helping organizing the event) and then we departed.

So, while on the road everything seemed quite fine, when we were going to our new year’s eve’s party location (Borkum, yay!), my sickness didn’t get better. At December 31st, I had literally no voice and couldn’t participate in the Singstar evening that I had hoped for so long. Oh well…

For two days now, I can speak freely again and only have to fight with a filled up nose and a sore throat.

But, all in all, it didn’t really ruin anything. It was fun even with the sickness, and I’m happy I decided to go to Borkum instead of curing me at home.

Last but not least: Happy new year, everybody!

PS: I have no clue, why I wrote this in English. Just felt like it…